Global Services

It is in the nature of my profession that the success of my interventions depends on the personal relationship with my clients and patients. Here it plays an undoubted role whether the relationship can develop in a direct, immediate interaction with each other or whether it is mediated through an electronic medium like a video chat.

It must be said that I am deeply convinced that psychoanalysis and psychotherapy require the physical presence of psychoanalyst and patient in one room. Furthermore, due to legal requirements, I only work as a physician in Germany. For these reasons, I do not offer psychoanalysis, psychotherapy or any medical treatment via video chat.

However, there is one important branch of my professional activity that I can offer in an uncomplicated manner at a global level: consulting and counseling using psychoanalytical methodology.
This concerns individuals, couples and organizations in a wide variety of contexts. Since unconscious processes not only play a role in the development of mental disorders, but also for instance in pair dynamics, or within organizational structures, or in relationships between clients and companies: psychoanalytical approaches are often very valuable in consulting.

The fields for this are broad: whether in politics, on the stock exchange, in business administration or in personal lifestyle, there are often situations in which there are initially incomprehensible phenomena.
These can often only be explained and influenced when unconscious processes in individuals, small groups or social (mass) phenomena are taken into account. For this there can be no more competent consulting partner than a psychoanalyst.

I myself am very experienced in these matters: I have held positions of responsibility in commercial enterprises and hospitals, I have advised companies and, for example, I have been responsible in the field of public relations for institutions of the Federal Government in Germany and the European Commission in Brussels.

I would be delighted if I could also work for you in the future. I offer my experience and skills in the field of consulting worldwide. The used video chat technology is compliant with the German, European and US-American (HIPAA) regulations concerning the privacy and security of patient health information.